About the Artist

Edna Harris is an artist whose goal is combining various media in order to create a visual world of fun – each piece is designed to make you smile.

One of Edna’s favorite things to do is include her clients’ own memorabilia. Some clients will ask to have things like Mom’s compact case, old jewelry, telegrams, their Dad’s service ribbons, etc. included in their custom art piece. Then they select the image for the watercolor painting and the color scheme and a custom piece, with special meaning, is created just for them.

Her journey into the art world began in 2002 when she took a class in acrylic painting through adult education in San Diego with the intention of learning enough to paint furniture. However, she soon realized she had a wider passion for art and began searching for other courses in which to participate. While taking a mixed media class, her instructor convinced her to enroll in a watercolor course. From there her signature style has evolved.

Edna combines watercolor with found objects and embellishments. There is a recurring object in her work…candy wrappers. Each painting has a theme and hopefully each viewer will have a little different interpretation of the meaning. A key may represent the meaning of the piece and the candy wrappers add a touch of whimsy that everyone can enjoy. Beginning with an original watercolor painting, she may tear it and rearrange the pieces into a new design. From there words or phrases, embellishments and candy wrappers will be added until the final effect is reached. Most pieces include something recovered from the Arizona desert.